Ethics Policy

Editorial independence: The Techee is part of 5AS Corp, a global internet company. Our parent company operates independently and exercises no control over editorial decisions.

Advertisements: We run advertisements for certain brands and always disclose when we do. Our advertisers do not influence our editorial policy.

Journalistic standards: We strive to provide factual, objective, and straight-to-the-point information. We provide the facts, and you form the opinion you want.

Our journalists do not own shares or any share-based derivative in the companies they cover. They’re specifically not allowed to cover any company they hold an ownership interest in, no matter how little.

We do not reveal the identities of anonymous sources we may quote in an article. However, any tip obtained from a source requires verification from at least one other source with direct knowledge of the same information.

Use of artificial intelligence (AI): We do not use AI to write text or create images and videos.