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  • July 8, 2021
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MetaTrader 5 – A Unique, All-In-One Trading Platform For Fund Managers

This is a sponsored post Trading isn’t an easy activity. It’s already tough managing a portfolio at the lower echelons…

This is a sponsored post

Trading isn’t an easy activity. It’s already tough managing a portfolio at the lower echelons of retail trading, then even tougher at the upper echelons of trading big sums of assets, usually by fund managers. For the fund managers, we know managing large portfolios with software isn’t at all easy. It’s a complex thing to be handled with care given the many variables involved in managing a big portfolio.

But what if we told you there’s new software that would simplify the process of managing a portfolio for you, a fund manager, and the investors you serve. It’s a software where you have direct links to global financial exchanges for your trading activity anywhere with an internet connection and for a lower-than-usual cost while you also have an easy way for your investors to monitor your trading activity with their money. You know, you wouldn’t have to prepare those long, bulky periodical reports for investors who could easily login themselves and judge the performance of your fund.

We introduce to you MetaTrader 5, an all-in-one platform to run a fund on the go. As a fund manager, think of it as a remote hub where you can securely and easily run your complex trading activities. As an investor, think of it as an easy way to monitor the valuable investments you have with managers without interfering much with their work.

MetaTrader 5 for hedge funds is developed by MetaQuotes Software, a company based in Cyprus.

To start, let’s answer a simple question of why do you need to implement MetaTrader 5 in your company? You need it for an easy way to manage your investment operations online in a virtual hub that’s accessible from anywhere. You don’t need to always be at the office in-person to run your operations when you could do that securely anywhere on the net. You need it to greatly simplify your work and give you more time to hone your investment strategies and give better returns.

For a hedge fund trader, MetaTrader 5 has many useful features to simplify a fund-running operation, including:

  1. There’s access to over 80 markets/exchanges worldwide where you can buy stocks, bonds, currencies e.t.c. Trading is the most important part of your operation and having access to global markets is paramount to that. With MetaTrader 5, you can remotely trade across many countries with ease and not get limited to a few markets in order to maximize returns. This is a feature that’s presumably desirable to every fund manager with global strategies.

  2. Analysis. Analyzing your investments or potential investments is very important to your strategies as an investor. You’ll always want to have deep, legit technical information for the assets you choose to invest in and MetaTrader5 delivers very well on that. There are over a thousand individual technical indicators present to analyze your assets on the platform

  3. Ready-made robots. Trading with algorithmic robots isn’t easy if you have to build one by yourself. If you wish to do that, you need a lot of technical and mathematical knowledge and expertise which is uncommon. Now if that’s hard for you, don’t fret,because there are more than 12,000 trading robots built by others available for you to pick from on MetaTrader 5. You don’t exactly need to have deep expertise when you can tap into that of others to imitate their strategies.

  4. MQL5 Access. MQL5 is a popular online community of traders with access to distributed computing resources to test and analyze their trading strategies on historical data or real-time market data. With direct integration to MetaTrader 5, you can easily test your trading strategies and algorithms on live or historical data without risking any loss in the process. As an investor, this is one of the best features that should excite you.

  5. With MetaTrader 5 you can create the needed number of accounts for the distinct traders, administrators, and investors of your trading operation. With that, each one of them will be able to seamlessly login and perform the tasks for which they are permitted.You can manage this easily by adding or removing accounts at any time.

  6. MetaTrader 5 has a unique system that gives investors real-time access to information on the performance of your fund (their investments) without having to haggle for regular reports to track their progress. This undoubtedly frees up more time for you to build up your investment skills and strategies and give them better returns.

  7. MetaTrader 5 provides easy access with dedicated mobile and PC apps or via web terminals, be it for the traders managing the fund or investors monitoring their assets.This easy and secure access makes it simple and seamless to run a portfolio as you see fit.

MetaTrader 5 has many strategies, some of which we’ve highlighted above. It’s why we think it is a good solution for fund managers and investors to run their operations and recommend it to you.

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