Covid-19: Novavax Says Vaccine 90% Effective

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  • June 14, 2021
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An American biotech firm working on a vaccine for Covid-19 has announced very positive results from its trials. That firm is Novavax, a reputed vaccine maker that began working on a Covid vaccine late last year.

  • Novavax said its vaccine demonstrated 90.4% efficacy against Covid-19 from a sample of nearly 30k participants in the US and Mexico. At that, it plans to file for authorization with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) later this year.
  • Novavax seems late to the game after successful Covid vaccines for the US have already been developed by Pfizer and Moderna. It’s yet to receive authorization at a time when hundreds of millions of Pfizer and Moderna doses have already been sold in the US and abroad.
  • Unlike Moderna and Pfizer, Novavax’s Covid vaccine is protein-based rather than the mRNA technology the two companies decided to work with. The use of proteins is a long-established way of making vaccines compared to the mRNA which is new to mass production.
  • There appears to be more trust and less skepticism with protein-based vaccines compared to mRNA ones due to its long timeframe of existence.
  • Notably, Novavax said its vaccine appeared effective against certain variants of the Covid virus that have emerged globally. 
  • With its results, Novavax will seek FDA authorization for its vaccine in the third quarter of this year. By then, it plans to have a manufacturing capacity of 100 million doses a month, and then 150 million by the end of this year.

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