Indian American Surgeon and Medicine Professor Atul Gawande appointed as head of Amazon-JP Morgan-Berkshire health venture

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  • June 22, 2018
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The recently much talked about healthcare venture being embarked on by a trio of e-commerce giant Amazon, Financial behemoth J.P. Morgan and Warren Buffett led major investment company Berkshire Hathaway has now appointed and announced its new CEO, The choice is Public health researcher, Ariadne Labs executive director and health NGO Lifebox’s Chairman amidst a very good track record by name of Atul Gawande who is now earmarked to lead the new healthcare venture fixated on developing solutions to tackle fast rising healthcare costs.

The new not-for-profit company will be headquartered in the city of Boston and will begin operations by re-inventing the method and way the three companies’ total of 1.2 million employees will get health benefits and handle medical bill payments which represents a very good base to start from before further expansion.

Atul will begin his tenure as the head of the company currently dubbed the “ABC” coalition on the 9th of next month, His new position will mark a very good choice as Gawande has been known in the past to constructively write about various health issues focused particularly on the huge rise of healthcare costs and the role the U.S. plays in these health services.

Gawande who is also a best-selling author has been involved in various healthcare ventures and organizations which have gained huge backing and support from very notable institutions including the World Health Organization amongst others whilst being a very major household name in the healthcare world.

The MacArthur fellow Gawande has also dabbled in politics after previously being a member of  Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign which represents a good record and in-depth experience in the world of healthcare and leadership.

We would now watch for when the healthcare venture and its operations would be fully unveiled to the public and how the company would go under the leadership of Atul Gawande as the company begins and scale its operations in the long run whilst bettering healthcare for the general public.

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