Jama Software nabs huge $200 million funding from IVP and Madrona in new venture round

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  • June 27, 2018
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Jama Software CEO Scott Roth

image credit : Jama

Jama Software, A startup based out of Oregon which offers product development and mission critical software customers to various notable customers has now raised a huge $200 million in a venture round from major tech Insight Venture Partners (IVP) and Madrona which has infused the company with huge capital to accelerate its long term global growth and also the scaling of the company’s notable softwares, The Jama Product Development Platform and the Predictive Product Development software category.

This investment for the company which started 2006 and currently counts notable customers including the likes of SpaceX, Cruise Automation, Amazon Robotics, Cisco, Apple, Leica, Nvidia and Samsung amongst many others represents another huge investment in the enterprise software industry which has been garnering much more attention and huge investments in recent times.

This investment is notable for being one of the biggest ever in the Oregon technology space popularly referred to as “Silicon Forest” which counts so many notable tech companies along with Jama as part of its ecosystem.

Jama right now counts over 150 employees across its team and will make use of this funding to expand this team and invest more resources into the development of several enterprise software products which the company is known for.

This investment brings the total amount raised to a figure of $233 million for the Portland headquartered company which made its first acquisition ever of software company Notion whose service it has re-branded and integrated into its Jama Analyze™ platform.

With this huge influx of capital, The company is now earmarked to expand its suite of customers and consumers alike for the company whose platform adoption has been growing by 80% annually with new customers also joining everyday.

The Enterprise software space has been on a tear recently and it’s no surprise that the industry has been garnering huge investments in recent and current times with another enterprise software company Celonis which is based out of Germany just recently receiving a $50 million investment at a huge $1 Billion valuation.

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