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  • August 11, 2019
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Velodyne Debuts New Mid-Range Lidar

Velodyne Puck 32MR image: Velodyne Velodyne has unveiled a new lidar — the Puck 32MR — that’s made for use…

Velodyne Puck 32MR

image: Velodyne

Velodyne has unveiled a new lidar — the Puck 32MR — that’s made for use in low-speed autonomous robots, industrial vehicles, shuttles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). For those not familiar, lidars [like the one pictured above] are devices that enable autonomous cars and robots see and make sense of their environments. Velodyne, which began producing lidars in 2005, commands the greatest market share of all lidar companies, although it’s facing increasing competition from lots of newer startups.

Velodyne’s new lidar, the Puck 32MR, can see and sense up to 120 meters ahead, with a 40-degree vertical field of view. Velodyne says it “accurately detects” vehicles, pedestrians, crosswalks, bicycles, curbs, and obstacles. In retrospect, the Puck 32MR is a more affordable lidar that’s made for mid-range autonomous vehicles. Although Velodyne didn’t disclose its price, it’ll likely be substantially cheaper than other Velodyne lidars, which can cost up to $75,000 [depending on the model]. But still, the Puck 32 MR isn’t as advanced as some of Velodyne’s other lidars.

“Velodyne continues to innovate lidar technologies that empower autonomous solutions on a global scale. This product fills a need for an affordable mid-range sensor, which our customers expressed, and we took to heart. We strive to meet our customers’ needs, and the Puck 32MR is another example of our versatility within an evolving industry.” Velodyne CTO Anand Gopalan said in a press release that announced the new lidar.

The Puck 32MR is being assembled at Velodyne’s manufacturing facility in San Jose, California. Velodyne will not just sell, but will also provide technical support for the new lidar across North America, Europe and Asia.

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