Boston’s Atlas Robot has the best of Abilities

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  • May 13, 2018
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                            Image credit : Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics recently released new awesome footage on one of its robots – The Atlas, The footage below shows the robot having mastered the act of running and jumping displaying its agility and intelligence.

The Atlas is described as the World’s Most Dynamic Humanoid which makes use of balance and whole-body skills to achieve two-handed mobile manipulation.

This robot made by Boston Dynamics, The Softbank owned Robotics company which spun off in 1992 and was formerly owned by Google’s X Research arm is capable of performing tasks in large volume with the use of its streamlined 3D printed legs which makes it a very unique robot with a huge strength ratio and making it to complete its tasks with less time and stress.

The Atlas will do various tasks every human does like lifting, carrying and manipulating the positions of different objects in both normal and rough conditions with the Robots capable of working on very rough terrains through its strengthened hands and feets, The robot is capable of climbing and finding its way through congested spaces with its segmented hands which also makes it capable of using Human tools.

Boston Dynamics

The Atlas is also capable of performing stunts which it did in previous footage released by Boston Dynamics;
The Robot’s Head is sectioned into different parts containing the various instruments which make it function including a sensor head which contain a stereo camera and a laser range finder for vision.

The robot is also powered electrically through a flexible tether which is powered using an integrated powered source in the robot’s system which diminishes the use of an external charger or current input.

                             Boston Dynamics
The 5ft’9 inches tall robot as seen in the first video can perform 180 degree jumps, Walk at reasonable speeds over slopes/stairs and can be also used for search and rescue tasks in the military along with many more other abilities.
Its unique Specifications are listed below;
  • Height – 1.5m
  • Weight – 75 kg
  • Payload – 11 kg
  • Actuation – Hydraulics
  • Method of Power  – Battery
  • Perception – LiDAR and Stereo Vision
  • No of Joints – 28

Another interesting character of the Robot is its ability to get up when tipped over and also maintain its balanced when pushed or messed with.

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