The Model 3 starts delivering to Canada

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  • May 12, 2018
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Image credit: Tesla

Tesla’s notable mass market but premium looking Sedan, The Tesla Model 3 has started delivering internationally to Canada after sending a massive batch of invites 2 months ago to Canadian residents who made reservations for the electric vehicle.

The vehicle will sell for $46,500 CAD in the country with the current Model 3s being equipped with a Long Range battery pack, premium interior package and rear-wheel drive.

Tesla has also started taking orders internationally for another version which is The dual motor all-wheel drive and performance version of the vehicle but will start producing these versions in 2 months time.

In Ontario, Canada, The Tesla Model 3 carries $14,000 CAD in incentives before purchase which brings down the price to $31,600 for buyers which will greatly increase sales and decrease cost for the consumers.

The Model 3 will also come with an $8,000 CAD incentive in the province of Quebec, Canada after being added to the list of vehicles eligible for incentives recently.

Deliveries for The Tesla Model 3 would soon start for its Canadian Reservation holders and we can’t wait to hear their opinions on the amazing vehicle as reviewed by various consumers.

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