The Uber of scooters just got a whole lot of it!

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  • May 12, 2018
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Bird, The Electric Scooter ride-sharing service which was founded by a former Uber and Lyft Executive has made huge deals with current Electric Scooter leading company Ninebot and notable chinese electronics maker Xiaomi to make use of its scooters in its ride-hailing services which are currently expanding rapidly.

Bird works closely with cities to help make transportation better & more environmentally friendly using its electric scooters which are charged and repaired by independent contractors working in the gig economy space.

Bird surprisingly came to Charlotte and Nashville just few days ago but has been required to pause its operations in Nashville currently after its 100 scooters was deemed as obstructing the sidewalks for pedestrians whereas the scooters are meant to use street and bike lanes where cyclists use.

The company currently operates in 8 other cities including Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Bird which is currently valued at $400 million and has raised a cool $100 million from investors including Tusk Ventures, Craft Ventures and Lead Egde Capital already has over 1,000 of its bikes on the streets it operates on and have been used for over 250,000 rides.

Bird will now have to go head-to-head with its major competitors LimeBike and Spin who have also made huge electric scooter deals with companies including the ones Bird made their own deals with.

After Bird founder Travis VanderZanden has gained experience at Uber and Lyft disrupting the taxi business, Will this disrupt too and become a craze like Uber? Time should tell while we observe.

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