Amazon stops buying Google’s Shopping ads

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  • May 11, 2018
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I’m leaving Bro………
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Amazon in an effort to grow in the digital advertising space has stopped buying shopping ads from major Internet player Google, This information was revealed to Bloomberg and was also observed by various sources.

Amazon’s ads which topped Google Shopping are no longer being served leaving the ad space to other major competitors like Walmart and a host of other retailers, These ad space amounts for a huge slice of Google’s revenue with Amazon also making a good percent of that.

Amazon’s new move will affect hugely targeted spots on Google’s ads since it leaves a lot of space for other players to grab market share of the ad spots being offered. This also now deepens competition between Amazon and Google, The latter which makes most of its revenue from Digital Ads and is currently the biggest player in the game, Amazon will now try to disrupt digital advertising like it has to many other sectors whilst making the bulk of its revenue from its e-commerce service.

Even with this, Periodic ad changes aren’t a new thing with Google and this wont really affect them still gaining so many ad buys from other companies including the numerous small businesses out there.

Right now, some Amazon subsidiaries like Zappos are still spending on Google’s ads but these companies are run indepedently from Amazon and have always been known to expand through its use of Google ads, was probably spending more than $50 million a year on the ads before it retreated.

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