Didi Chuxing temporarily hurts its carpooling service after passenger incident

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  • May 11, 2018
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Image credit : Time

Chinese major ride-hailing player and second largest ride hailing company after Uber has temporarily suspended its car-pooling service due to an incident involving one of its drivers and a passenger who unfortunately was murdered by the driver involved.

Didi Chuxing promptly apologized to the family of the passenger involved who was a 21 year old flight attendant and only daughter in her family who was murdered on a journey from Zhengzhou’s airport hub to the downtown area of the city.

The passenger identified as Ms. Li. used Didi’s app Hitch which lets people going to the same destination share rides for a fee but ended up being sadly murdered by the driver using a weapon.

 Didi has always used facial recognition technology to identify its drivers for verification but in this case, The facial recognition feature was defective at the time which the driver identified as Liu Zhenhua used an account belonging to his father as he was not registered on Didi’s app, The account involved had also been previously reported for sexual harassment but the owner was still allowed to take rides and use the app although it isn’t clear right now if the person involved in the sexual harassment case was the Son or the Father.

Investigations are currently going on to apprehend the driver involved with the company offering a $157,567 bounty for information leading to the driver’s capture.

Didi has also been asked to stop using vehicles which are not locally registered and to increase effort to stop the use of unqualified and previously reported drivers.

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