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  • December 17, 2020
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Canoo Unveils New Electric Cargo Vehicle

Canoo, an electric vehicle startup that’s on the cusp of a public market debut by the way of a blank-check…

Canoo MPDV

Canoo, an electric vehicle startup that’s on the cusp of a public market debut by the way of a blank-check merger, has unveiled a new all-electric delivery vehicle that it says will go into production by 2023.

The new vehicle, boxy and somewhat futuristic by look, will be priced starting at $33,000 and has been made available for reservations with a refundable deposit of $100.

Canoo MPDV

Canoo’s new vehicle is targeted at businesses and last-mile couriers that’ll be seeking to make use of electric vehicles to run deliveries. As seen in the picture above, the vehicle’s design caters to ample cargo space for the movement of goods, with Canoo touting it as having 30% more parcel volume than comparable vehicles.

Canoo’s new vehicle will offer three different battery capacities of 80kWh, 60kWh, and 40kWh that’ll equate to maximum payloads of 1540 pounds, 1760 pounds, and 1980 pounds respectively.

Canoo MPDV

Canoo MPDV

The 40kWh, 60kWh, and 80kWh battery versions will have respective estimated ranges of 130 miles, 190 miles, and 230 miles, whereas the 80kWh version will uniquely feature fast-charging that’ll see its battery capable of filling up between 20% and 80% after 28 minutes of charging, Canoo claims.

The new cargo vehicle is based on the same modular platform used for the only vehicle Canoo had unveiled before this one. 

Set for a reverse merger with a blank-check firm that’ll hand over $600 million in extra cash to Canoo, the California-based electric car startup is looking to ramp up manufacturing operations and capitalize on the growing market for electric vehicles across the US, Europe, and China. 

Canoo MPDV

Canoo says its new electric cargo van will see “limited availability” by 2022 and scaled production by 2023. It’s on a similar time-frame with Canoo’s other vehicle, which is aimed for scaled production by 2022.

Canoo’s electric cargo van will come in two major variants, the multi-purpose delivery vehicle 1 (MPDV1) and multi-purpose delivery vehicle 2 (MPDV2). The first version is the one priced at $33,000.

Photo(s) credit: Canoo

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