China’s Xpeng Debuts New Electric Sedan

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  • April 27, 2020
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Xpeng P7.

Photo credit: Xpeng

Xpeng Motors, a Chinese electric vehicle upstart, has unveiled a new electric sedan called the P7. The new sedan, which seems similar to Xpeng competitor Tesla’s Model 3, will cost between $32,000 – $49,000 ‘post-subsidies’, Xpeng says. Xpeng has already opened up orders for the new vehicle, which will come in 3 versions and 8 configurations. The company says deliveries will commence by the end of June 2020. A P7 feature that stands out is its stated maximum range of 706 km, a record when compared to other electric vehicles.

The debut of the P7 comes on the heels of Tesla having begun producing vehicles in China. Producing directly in China enabled Tesla to deliver a record number of vehicles in the country, according to industry groups. Xpeng is apparently looking to steer some potential Tesla customers towards its brand. The company, which has raised nearly $2 billion in funding to fund its operations, also competes with other electric vehicle brands in China.

At 706km, the P7 would offer the longest driving range for an electric vehicle in China. Other notable features of the new vehicle include faster-than-normal charging, a driver-assistance system, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip that runs its software.

The P7 is Xpeng’s second-ever production model. The first, the G3 SUV, was unveiled in December 2018.

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