BMW Unveils First All-Electric Sedan, i4

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  • March 18, 2021
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BMW i4 electric

In a move signaling its increasing commitment towards electrification, German luxury carmaker BMW has unveiled what’s its first all-electric sedan, the BMW i4, that’s scheduled to hit the roads by the end of this very year.

BMW first teased the all-electric i4 concept at the digital-only Geneva Motor Show last year and has now unveiled a production version that closely matches that concept. The i4 is an electric car that’ll come in different versions with the highest having a range of around 300 miles and power of around 390kW (roughly 530 horsepower), BMW says.

  • For now, though, BMW hasn’t dished out many details on the all-electric i4 but says it’ll do so ‘over the next weeks.’ However, the car’s range and power output have been revealed as disclosed above, being two important pieces of information to note.
  • Like many other automakers, BMW has committed to transitioning to an electric future. It says it expects half of all its vehicles sold to be fully electric by the year 2030 and to have delivered 2 million electric cars by 2025. 
  • Even as BMW bumps up its electrification efforts, the German carmaker isn’t as aggressive in that arena as several others of its kind in Europe such as Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz, particularly in the face of a growing number of proposed bans on internal combustion engine (ICE) cars. 

BMW i4 electric

BMW i4 electric

BMW’s i4 series will be the new poster child for the carmaker’s renewed push into electric cars after it saw significant success with the quirky i3 which has sold over 165,000 units.

Photo(s) credit: BMW

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