Microsoft’s mobile phone keyboard SwiftKey adds two-way translation for Android

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  • September 27, 2018
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image credit : SwiftKey

Microsoft Translator, The software giant’s technology which makes use of artificial intelligence for provision of translations for more than 60 languages has now been integrated with the Android version of Microsoft’s SwiftKey mobile keyboard.

The company made this known in a recent announcement this Thursday. The real-time translation feature will now translate as its Android users text in real-time to offer a unique and much desired experience for cross-border messaging.

Once users tap the Microsoft Translator icon on the SwiftKey keyboard, The app begins its function with translation of messages between users. The app would also remember users’ preferences leading to an elimination of the need to scroll through the full list of the more than 60 available languages which users choose from.

“We wanted to make it really easy for users to be able to translate as they type and to be able to translate incoming messages,” Colleen Hall, a senior product manager for SwiftKey said in a statement. “They do not have to leave the keyboard in order to do the translations,” Hall explained.

image credit : SwiftKey

This translation capability is now available offline to SwiftKey users who also have the Microsoft Translator app with an enabling of translation for composed e-mails and messages. “We have always had a strong multilingual offering,” Hall noted, “and now we are bringing Translator to that as well.”

Microsoft’s Translator app is a a part of Azure Cognitive Services, a collection of AI algorithms infused with websites, apps, and bots and geared at enabling easier communication between users through the application of Artificial Intelligence.

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