New York based real time discovery startup Dataminr closes $392 million investment at a reported $1.6 Billion Valuation

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  • June 30, 2018
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Dataminr CEO Ted Bailey (far left) speaks at a 2017 Techcrunch Disrupt event

  image credit : Dataminr

Dataminr, A notable software startup with provides newsrooms and other organizations with various real time AI analytics to cover various global live events and alert its users has now closed a huge $392 million of funding at a very huge $1.6 Billion according to a report from Axios which has been confirmed by the company through its press.

Dataminr last raised $130 million in a round led by Fidelity Investments which valued the company at about $700 million with this investment now making the company valued at over 2 times its previous which represents very good growth for the company.

Investors who put funds into this round include Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital, Morgan Stanley, Dell-EMC CEO Michael Dell’s MSD Capital, Goldman Sachs, Valor Equity Partners and also Fidelity amongst others who invested in both this and the company’s previous rounds.

This investment marks a very notable addition to the vastly growing New York startup space which has seen many tech unicorns and several successful startups pop up in the city which currently include the likes of AppNexus which was recently acquired for a reported price of at least $1.6 Billion by telecom giant AT&T, $2.2 Billion real estate startup Compass, $1.7 Billion digital media startup BuzzFeed, $1.8 Billion e-medicine starup Zocdoc, Oscar Health, Etsy, $1.8 Billion customer experience management company Sprinklr and a lost list of others in the Silicon Alley region.

Dataminr was founded 2009 and has grown hugely since then with the company having raised over $180 million prior to this huge funding round for the company which currently counts a long list of customers which include The New York Post,, Getty Images, Several newsrooms, financial organizations and a host of other companies.

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