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  • September 22, 2018
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The new BMW GS and RT motorbikes bundles the passion for travel in a new dimension of engine power

The BMW R 1250 GS BMW The BMW Motorrad GS and RT models has stood for powerful and reliable propulsion for the past…

The BMW R 1250 GS


The BMW Motorrad GS and RT models has stood for powerful and reliable propulsion for the past 35 years in relation to taking on long-distance journeys with desirable convenience and comfort, BMW has outed to new additions to the lineup dubbed the  R 1250 GS and R 1250 RT respectively packed with many high-end features including an advanced boxer engine with BMW ShiftCam technology making a game-changer for performance, efficiency and culture.

The ShiftCam Technology packed for the 2 new motorbikes enables for variation of the valve timings and valve stroke on the intake side leading to more power across the engine’s entire speed range, optimized fuel consumption and emission levels, increased refinement and running smoothness.


Another technical change to the engine is a camshaft drive now taken care of by a toothed chain as compared with a roller chain in previous models for better optimization, It also features twin-jet injection valves and a new exhaust system.

Two riding modes are available for the bikes as standard to ensure adaptation to individual preferences. The standard Automatic Stability Control ASC enables for a higher safety level due to superb traction with the other set-off assistant Hill Start Control allowing for convenient set-off on slopes in addition to other standard features.


An optional “Riding Modes Pro” is also available as an equipment item for the bikes which is packed with an additional “Dynamic” riding mode and Dynamic Traction Control DTC for the  RT while coming with “Dynamic Pro”, “Enduro” and “Enduro Pro” riding modes for the GS.

The new Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) feature available for the new bikes enables for additional safety when braking and when in difficult conditions through avoidance of unintentional accelerator activation.

Driver torque is decreased during braking to ensure full use of braking power at the rear wheel to keep the motorcycles stable while shortening the braking distance for more comfortable use.


Also available is another optional BMW Motorrad Dynamic ESA “Next Generation” equipment which ensures automatic adaptation of the motorcycle to different riding states and achievement of optimum damping comfort and a very stable ride response now available for the RT model.

The new GS features the LED headlamp as standard in addition to a LED daytime riding light feature available as an optional addition for both the GS and RT models. Its 6.5-inch full-colour TFT screen now packs the BMW Connectivity feature as standard offering an innovative solution for daily navigation through the use of multimedia and riding-related information with clear layouts and instinctive operations.

The BMW R 1250 RT


An Intelligent Emergency Call item also available optionally ensures for fastest possible assistance time in case of emergencies and dangers being a very unique feature bundled with the new motorbikes for a high safety level.

The new GS and RT models pack high-quality customisation features which enhances both performance and value with a focus on seamless integration of the entire motorbike. The new models are crafted with the use of highest-quality materials, detailed manual workmanship and individual and intense attention to characteristics.


The new GS reflects its travel and off-road expertise in two modern basic finishes and striking variants, The RT shows its exclusive touring character in just one basic colour but with two style variants and two Option 719 Spezial finishes.


This new features showcase BMW’s expertise in crafting intuitive, lustrous, unique, sleek, stylish, eccentric, exclusive and peculiar specs for its vehicles. The new GS and RT models stand as very desirable for bikers who would love to get their hands on a bike which offers one of the best travel experiences known in the auto scene.


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