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  • July 4, 2018
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Alibaba owned Food Delivery Platform Ele.me plans to invest billions of yuan to scale its delivery service

 image credit : Ele.me Notable Chinese food delivery startup Ele.me which launched 2008 and raised a total of a huge…

 image credit : Ele.me

Notable Chinese food delivery startup Ele.me which launched 2008 and raised a total of a huge $3.3 Billion before gaining majority control by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba in a deal which valued the company $9.5 Billion now has plans to scale its delivery solutions through the investment of huge amount of resources amounting to billions of Yuan which the company will pull into its huge growth in the widely competitive Chinese food delivery market as the company continues to be led by Alibaba Vice President Wang Lei.

Ele.me is notable for its usage of several innovative methods including drones with the company recently gaining approval for the use of the aerial vehicles for delivery within Shanghai’s Jinshan Industrial Park which represents a very intuitive approach for speeding up its food delivery operations in the region.

With the Chinese food delivery space being very vast and competitive whilst counting several major companies including internet services giant Meituan Dianping earmarked to go public soon along with other huge startups in the Chinese region which have raised very huge amounts of capital, Alibaba is now speeding up its food delivery operations by investing heavily in its unit which will see the company grab a huge slice of the market whilst making huge revenues for the company.

Ele.me will now make use of the huge earmarked investment to expand its physical logistics system even as the company currently counts around 3,000 distribution centers across China in a bid to heavily speed up its system which will provide better service to its customers.

With Ele.me counting a vast workforce of over 16,00 employees along with over 3 million delivery drivers, The company is at a very good advantage in its market as it scales and integrates its services with its enormous team for its millions of Chinese customers.

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