Oracle Moves HQ To Texas

Oracle CEO Safra Catz

The enterprise software giant Oracle has indicated in a filing to the SEC that it’s relocated its headquarters from the state of California to Texas, making it the latest among a handful of companies that have moved their headquarters out of California this year. Oracle has changed its corporate headquarters from Redwood City in California to Austin in Texas.

Oracle already has a huge campus in Austin with thousands of employees so it doesn’t seem that the company will be making extensive employee relocations as it’s moved to the city. The company has simply changed its corporate headquarters from Redwood City, where it houses 6,500 employees and is the largest employer in the city, to Austin where it opened a campus in 2018 that it said would house 10,000 employees.

Oracle’s move comes in a year wherein a Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated remote work across the US and provided more flexibility for employees, particularly those from the tech industry, to work from varying locations. 

Oracle’s HQ move to Austin comes just on the heels of one of its counterparts, the IT giant Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), doing the same, wherein Just like Oracle, HPE moved its corporate headquarters to Austin, where it already had a large workforce, and continues to retain its operations in California.

Also, it comes on the heels of the CEOs of Dropbox and Splunk reportedly decamping from California to Texas, particularly Austin. 

California has long-maintained the status of being a mecca for technology companies. Now, it seems that companies are beginning to spread to other areas across the US, propping up the technology industry in other states as a result. Earlier this year, the data mining and analytics company Palantir was one of the first to move out of California after 17 years in the state to the state of Colorado. 

Photo: Oracle CEO Safra Catz, credit: Oracle PR

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