Peloton rides to U.K. and Canada

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  • May 11, 2018
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Peloton, The innovative exercise equipment company which produces sleek exercise bikes which streams live exercises and features connected programming which has become a favorite amongst a whole lot of fitness enthusiasts has announced its coming to two more countries – The U.K.  and Canada after awesome reception and huge sales in the U.S.

The company will start selling its Peloton bike which brings an immersive cycling experience for $1,995 and comes with a monthly charge of $39 per month for access of its digital classes and unlocking of the best experience of the bike.


The company will other push into more European countries next year offering its bikes and also its treadmill which will start shipping this fall in the United States and is also expected to ship to these other countries as soon as possible.

The company currently provides its on demand classes from its studio in New York and plans to open a new studio in London next year which will provide its on-demand classes from British instructors to consumers worldwide. Its upcoming treadmill costs $4,000 and comes with over 7,000 on-demand exercise classes.

As said from its tweet, The company is expanding by launching retail spots in London and Toronto this autumn where customers will be able to purchase this devices which can also be purchased online.

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