Scooter rental startup Bird has just raised another $300 million in new funding

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  • June 28, 2018
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image credit : Bird Rides

E-scooter rideshare service Bird which recently flooded the new headlines after the startup which is headed by a former Uber and Lyft executive recently raised $150 million in a Sequioa led round which valued the 1 year old company at a huge $1 Billion has now raised another $300 million in a huge round still led by Sequioa Capital after previous reports of the company’s intention of raising another $200 million for its e-scooter sharing service.

Other investors who also participated in this $300 million funding round include Greycroft, Accel, Tusk Ventures, Index Ventures, Valor Equity Partners, Sound Ventures and a series of other notable investors.

This investment currently values Bird at a huge $2 Billion while giving the company vast capital to expand its operations and strengthen its stand in the e-scooter sharing space which has been deemed a very hot and promising one and has seen other major players getting into the space including bike and also scooter sharing company Lime which also started just one year ago and has raised a total of over $380 million.

Major ride-hailing players Uber and Lyft have also started expanding into the space with both companies reported to be interested in acquiring U.S. biggest Bike sharing operator Motivate for over $200 million.

Uber is also notable for acquiring notable e-bike company JUMP Bikes April this year for a reported huge sum of $200 million which marked as the company’s biggest acqusition after its acquisition of self-driving truck company Otto for $680 million August 2 years ago.

Bird has expanded into different cities and even several countries across the globe as of recent with the company currently counting presence in several locations including its major base LA, San Diego, Washington DC, Texas, San Francisco, Baltimore, Denver, Nashville, Milwaukee and a host of other locations with international expansion also in the works.


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