Buy at Amazon, Install at Sears

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  • May 9, 2018
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Sears, The American chain of department stores which had been taking a dive recently due to store closes and tumbling stocks has announced a partnership with e-commerce giant Amazon which will now see customers across the U.S order tires via Amazon and get them installed at the nearest Sears Auto Center.

This partnership encompasses all tire brands including Sears’ own brand DieHard, On this news, Sears stock increased in value by a whooping 20%.

This shows the huge value of e-commerce businesses in the consumer space today, This huge increase in value is based on investor expectations that this partnership will hugely increase revenue for Sears which has suffered year-on-year revenue decrease up until now.

This program will first launch in 47 of its Auto centers with expansion later coming to the entire 400 Auto centers across the U.S.

Customers will pay a standard fee for the installation of their tires, Sears already has about 2,100 technicians currently for the perfomance of its process.

This marks Sears third main partnership with Amazon after previously starting to sell two of its Brands; Kenmore and DieHard, The latter being the company’s tire brand and Kenmore being its home appliances brand with some of its products having Alexa integration.

More partnerships like this will greatly boost e-commerce revenues for current retailers who have realized that the Brick-and-Mortar retail system isn’t keeping up with the huge demands of the customer and will have to Innovate heavily to keep up with the ever-changing system.

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