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  • November 16, 2020
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Bezos Gives $791M For Climate Action

  Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Photo credit: national museum of american history, licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has doled out…


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.
Photo credit: national museum of american historylicensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has doled out $791 million in donations to a mix of non-profits that are tackling climate change as part of his pledge to fund climate action to the tune of $10 billion which he made early this year. The $791 million was spread out to 16 recipients namely;

  1. The Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund – $43 million
  2. ClimateWorks Foundation – $50 million
  3. Dream Corps Green For All – $10 million
  4. Eden Reforestation Projects – $5 million
  5. Energy Foundation – $30 million
  6. Environmental Defense Fund – $100 million
  7. The Hive Fund for Climate and Gender Justice – $43 million
  8. Natural Resources Defense Council – $100 million
  9. The Nature Conservancy – $100 million
  10. NDN Collective – $12 million
  11. Rocky Mountain Institute – $10 million
  12. Salk Institute for Biological Studies – $30 million
  13. The Solutions Project – $43 million
  14. Union of Concerned Scientists – $15 million
  15. World Resources Institute – $100 million
  16. World Wildlife Fund – $100 million

Bezos touts the donations as “just the beginning” of his commitment to tackle climate change. The donations are personally from the Amazon CEO and separate from that of the e-commerce juggernaut he founded which has also pledged a considerable amount to climate action, most notably a $2 billion fund that’ll back sustainable and clean energy companies.

Amazon itself has pledged to generate net-zero carbon emissions across its operations by 2040 and as part of its pledge has begun transitioning towards the use of electric vehicles for its mammoth logistical operations. The company has pre-ordered 100,000 electric delivery vans from Rivian, an automotive startup which it has invested in, and also recently ordered 1,800 electric delivery vans from automaker Mercedes-Benz. 

Bezos has previously referred to climate change as “the biggest threat to our planet,” and has spearheaded many climate initiatives both personally and via Amazon. The $791 million in donations for climate action marks one of the biggest personal donations ever for such initiative.


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